Saturday, November 2, 2013

++ Criteria of An Ideal Teacher ++

Talking about being an ideal teacher, there are variety of views and perspectives on how to be an ideal teacher. The question here is, are we one of the ideal teachers?

In my point of view, be an ideal teacher, we need to be different from other teachers, but not to be weird one. Different here means the ideal teacher is the one with high accountability and be doing outstanding job than other teachers. In addition, an ideal teacher is the one who makes your learning enjoyable. That means the teacher must be able to attract students to pay attention in class. Sometimes, an ideal teacher should also have sense of humor because being funny will able to make learning fun and memorable. But always keep in mind, do not over react like a clown.

An ideal teacher should be an idol for his or her students. Teachers are role models to students. Therefore, an ideal teacher should know how to act, dress, talk, walk or even speak properly in front of their students. In fact, in everything we do, an ideal teacher should do it like how a teacher is supposed to do.
An ideal teacher is the one who can be a motivator to students. With the awareness that the students come from different backgrounds, have different personalities and so on, an ideal teacher should know how to give motivation to each student and encourage them to study. The teacher needs to know that different student require different kinds of motivations as they would definitely face different kind of problems. So, being a good motivator is essential to be an ideal teacher.

Some students trust their teachers, even more than their parents. Therefore, it is the responsibility of an ideal teacher to guide the student as their own child. For example, a teacher guides the students to always keep their behaviour. This is a huge responsibility in educating students to be useful one day. In other words, in school, we are the parents of our students.

In conclusion, there are many ways to be an ideal teacher. There are also many ways on how to be an ideal teacher. We just have to choose which criteria available to us to show to our students. They are the future leaders of tomorrow and we are the people who will make their dreams become a reality.

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